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January 10, 2010



I will confess that I chose not to get between this woman and her power tools!


Given Dave's history with shower curtains, I presume you've already instigated an 3m exclusion zone and moved everything away from the bath.


Really good tip for cakes - as you will be finding yourself making more and more as William gets older - this also makes it really quick.
Weight your eggs - in their shell
then do everything else to the same weight ie eggs 215g so flour 215g sugar 215g and marg 215g - if you want it to be chocolate swap between 30g and 50g of the flour for coco powder and if you want the cake to be more fudge like add two tea spoon of warm water (I always add 1 teaspoon of baking powder too)- once sugar and marg is beaten together and eggs and flour addedin beat with your mixer for 3 minutes, this is totally fool proof makes a killer cake every time and really easy for the kids to do too! cook on 170-180
*For fair cakes 13 minutes is usually best for larger cakes depends on the number of eggs 3 eggs usually 25 minutes 4 eggs 30 minutes and so on - you just need to keep checking it!

Lesley x

Home Office Mum

The thing about making kids cakes is that the kids don't care how they look. They just want to eat them. It's the mums who care how they look. I have made a pirate ship that looked more like the Exxon Valdez and a lion that looked more like an alsatian that had been shot, but honestly, the kids just see sweet icing and sod the rest. And the mums all seem to think you're a goddess for even trying to bake something instead of buying it. So go for it.

PS - a brilliant way to make a cake kids love that is simple is to make a plain chocolate cake (like the one Lesley described above), ice it with butter icing or a chocolate ganache but then, decorate it with smarties all over. Looks like a cake with chicken pox but the kids see sweets and go bonkers for it

Shower Doors

Awesome tips. Topic is really cool. Anyway I just love to bake the cakes and cream rolls.

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